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About Mirmont Pictures
Est. 2005

Mirmont Pictures was founded by Sohrab Mirmont after the win of the short film "The Beautiful Wind" at the New York International Film Festival. The success of the film garnered Mirmont world-wide acclaim and Mirmont was named "Filmmaker to Watch" by Digital Filmmaker Magazine. This new-found success led him to create Mirmont Pictures as a platform for launching new, cutting-edge projects in film, tv, and web.

Today, Mirmont has employed over 500 members of the film and television industry and continues to create strong and gripping material for a wide-range of audiences.


Mirmont Pictures is a team of professionals who live in a fairy-tale land where imagination can become reality. Don't worry, though - we've been unsupervised since we were teens.

Founder & CEO
Sohrab Mirmont

Award-winning director/producer Sohrab Mirmont won the 2005 New York International Film Festival Audience Award and was named Filmmaker to Watch by Digital Filmmaker Magazine UK for his first film, "The Beautiful Wind".

His latest feature film, "The Freemason" starring Sean Astin, has been sold world-wide and is premiering in the US in a limited theatrical release starting February 2014.

Mirmont has also won the Utah Film Critic's Association Critic's Choice Award, was named "Up and Coming Filmmaker" by industry magazine P3 Update, and is the nephew of internationally acclaimed filmmaker, Abbas Kiarostami.  


VP of Development
Deborah Mozer

Deborah Mozer has an extensive background in finance and holds degrees in business finance, economics, and mathematics.  Her experience ranges from financial analyst for GE Capital, manager of multi-million dollar portfolios for Transamerica, and VP of Credit for Foothill Capital. 

Since joining the film industry in 2007, Deborah has produced several feature-films, short-films, and music videos that have won national to international acclaim.
She joins Mirmont as the Vice-President of Business Affairs (LA) and manages the companies finances for incoming projects. Deborah is also in charge of bringing good and valuable projects to the Mirmont slate of endeavors and overseeing their execution.  


Jade Brandais

Jade Brandais was born on June 16, 1985 in Palo Alto, California, USA. She is a producer, known for Vamps in the City, Dark House and Night of the Dead. She began her career with Mirmont Media in 2013 on the live-action music video, "Apple Pie", for the musical group "Cameron The Public".

Her duties at Mirmont include bringing valuable projects to the Mirmont slate, as well as assisting our Business Affairs team in maintaining long-term relationships with major brands and companies.


Mirmont Pictures
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